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6-8: Bob Herman from Axios with Mark Wietecha, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Association discussing the AHCA/similar plan’s impact on children’s ability to get healthcare. 

6-7:  Series of Tweets from Topher Spiro, outlining some of the consequences of the Senate’s healthcare plan.

6-7: Article from The Hill discussing which key GOP members are ok with ending the Medicaid Expansion.

6-7: Caitlin Owens of Axios outlines the Senate plans, which include curbing the Medicaid expansion and capping benefits.

6-7: Andy Slavitt’s series of Tweets converted to Storify.  Outlines current Senate plans.

5-31: Kaiser Family Foundation’s outline of the current mood of the country in regards to healthcare changes.


5-3: article covering new amendment being drafted late Tuesday night, to circulate Wednesday, to vote….this week maybe?

5-2: Matthew Fiedler from Center for Health Policy explains why one state altering their Essential Health Benefits could impact large employers in every state.

5-2: Dylan Scott from highlights the loss of a major vote for the repeal effort and what this means going forward.

5-1: Dylan Scott from discusses how Moderate Republicans, namely the Tuesday Group, are in a tough situation regarding the AHCA vote.

5-1: New York Times article from Robert Pear showing a lack of clarity between promises and what the AHCA actually delivers.
4-28: Huffington Post article by Jonathan Cohen explains why a new comprise isn’t helping the situation.

4-27: The explains how the AHCA will likely increase premiums and decrease services.

4-27: Matthew Fiedler of Center for Health Policy, Brookings Institution, discusses how the new amendment allows for the elimination of the community rating and can lead to higher premiums for the sick.

4-27:’s Harry Enten analyzes the new vote problem caused by the MacArthur Amendment.  It may have won conservatives but lost even more moderates.

4-27: Politico’s Adam Cancryn discusses the harsh impact the AHCA would have on those with preexisting conditions.

4:26: Dylan Scott discusses what the impact of the AHCA concession to the Freedom Caucus might actually do.

4-26: Sarah Kliff’s article follows up with her previous report about Congress exempting themselves from their own bill.

4-26: Health Affairs’ in-depth analysis of the amendment and the impact it may have.

4-26: Dylan Scott’s analysis of the changes’ impact on the bill’s ability to pass.

4-26: Health Affairs in-depth analysis of what this amendment means and the impact it will have.

4-21: Analysis from FamiliesUSA discusses how rumored changes would make a bad bill worse.

4-21: CNBC reports that a White House Senior Official states the Senate Budget Committee is working on healthcare language to be released today or tomorrow. This report is disputed by several reporters and correspondents, as seen here on Twitter.

4-21: NPR article discussing why trimming insurance benefits may not work to reign in premiums. 

4-20: Sarah Kliff at covers the rumored changes to the healthcare bill and what that might mean for Americans.

4-20: The New York Times discusses what new legislative language could mean for premiums and medical underwriting. 





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