Links will be provided here for Toolkits for advocacy.

The Indivisible Team has a fabulous guide for how to stand up and oppose the Senate Bill!

If you live in: Alaska, West Virginia, Maine, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana or Arkansas, your senators votes are ESSENTIAL.  Indivisible Guide has a TrumpcareTen Toolkit JUST for you!

Republican Senators’ Healthcare Staffers: Who to ask for when you call

The Center for American Progress has a fantastic toolkit available on their website. It includes graphics, photos of reps, phone numbers, and an easy link to help you post on Facebook.

The team at Indivisible has a great guide for how to save the ACA. It includes analysis and talking points for calling, visiting, or emailing your Member of Congress!

Charles Gaba has a detailed breakdown of how many in each state would lose care under the AHCA or similar.  Use these numbers when contacting your Senators!

Axios provides a great tool with a breakdown of which Senators are from states who have benefitted most from the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion.  It shows how much the uninsured rate has dropped, how many benefitted from the Medicaid Expansion and when they are up next for reelection.



*These tools are from the House efforts, we will work towards an updated version for the Senate soon!*
“Things you can tell your GOP Rep about the AHCA” – adapted from a series of tweets by Dr. Meenakshi Bewtra.

Charles Gaba’s blog has great breakdowns of how many would lose coverage in all 435 Districts in color-codes graphics. Use these numbers when you call your Member of Congress!



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